25 April 2024
By Benjamin Scott Blog

Why You Can’t Rely on Past Client Payments to Predict the Future

Having long-term clients who consistently pay on time is a dream scenario. However, the reality is that you can never take future payments for granted, even from your most reliable clients. Economic conditions, changes within the client’s business, or other unforeseen circumstances can disrupt the payment flow at any moment.

16 April 2024
By Benjamin Scott Blog

Why You Need to Protect Yourself When Extending Credit to Clients

Extending credit to clients is a common business practice, but it also carries risks. Just because a client has paid reliably in the past doesn’t guarantee future payments, especially in uncertain economic times.

5 April 2024
By Benjamin Scott Blog

Lawyers vs. Collection Agencies: Navigating the Best Choice for Collecting Problem Receivables

Collection Agencies and lawyers are businesses that can both specialize in recovering outstanding debts on behalf of their clients.

3 April 2024
By Benjamin Scott Blog

Contracts with your new clients: What should my new clients sign before working together? 

You will learn why it is so important to get your new clients to sign an agreement and credit application before doing business with them so if a problem arises you are protected to get paid in full and perhaps your expenses covered to collect the amount.

24 March 2024
By Benjamin Scott Blog

Business Credit Reports: A guide to get the best pricing for business credit reports

You will learn why business credit reports are a key part of analyzing new and existing customers to ensure they are creditworthy and to give an appropriate credit limit. 

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