Business solvency inquiry

Access Credit makes and writes up-to-date Business Solvency Inquiry, which can include additional optional archive sections. Updated data gives you the actual financial profile of your subject while archives enable you to check previous banking status and historical payment-to-supplier background, among other things. At Access Credit, we also make it a point of honour to respect our delivery time of 48 hours.

Our clients have the option to choose among various types of reports. The most common information asked are banking information, supplier references, detailed corporate status, legal antecedents, other report applicants, historical data and negative cases.

Access Credit gives you the opportunity to order the type of Business Solvency Inquiry that suits best your requirements and business interests. Because our various reports are subdivided in distinctive sections, they consequently offer great flexibility as for the choice of information that is relevant to your needs.

We are proud to rely on an experienced production team, which is fully aware of the implications concerning the respect of delivery time and the quality of information of each credit report we forward to our clients.

Finally, our web site allows our clients to access our database for our archived Business Solvency Inquiries, with the possibility to order a report immediately at a lesser cost.

All relevant documents will be needed to proceed (client’s name and address, order form number, contract number, contract date and length, complete description of equipment, brand, manufacturer, model number, serial number, and any other complementary information linked to the inscription).

Upon Reception of Your Inscription or Deletion Request, Access Credit commit to respect the following procedure:

  • We will proceed to validate your client’s legal name with the “Registre des entreprises”;
  • We will complete the inscription (or deletion) requisition of a reservation of title, of a lease’s resulting liens  or of certain other liens to the RDPRM (without any effective date) by e-mail;
  • To ensure control during the whole process, we make sure that an electronic acknowledgement of receipt has been received within three hours after  our request has been sent;
  • We will fax you the confirmation of your inscription (or deletion) request within 48 hours (72 hours maximum) after you have made it;
  • We will also send the inscription (or deletion) confirmations (certified copies) with our monthly invoices as well as a copy of the “Registre des entreprises” research we made.

The office of Access Credit will confirm the address of the assignment, the name of the owner and/or owners, the full address, the relationship and the information of the sale (if necessary), the municipal evaluation, and other comments if necessary.

Access Credit is committed to deploy all necessary efforts in order to provide you with the complete information needed within 48 hours.

The letter of denunciation to the attention of the owner or owners will be sent by registered mail, and an exact duplicate of the aforesaid letter will be sent by regular mail to the attention of the general contractor.  You will also receive an exact duplicate of the denunciation letter within the delay mentioned above, as well as the information on the research sent to you by fax.

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